Thursday, November 26, 2009


The Native American Indian genocide was a deliberate, calculated and insidious attempt at destroying the native peoples. It is considered to be one of the most horrific genocides known to man.

It has been estimated that there were up to 25 million natives in North America before the white man came. By the 1890's there were known only to be approximately 250,000. Of course those figures cannot be truly known just by their nature and time period, but the point is the devastation percentage wise is unequaled.

The white man, given their belief in their basic right to the lands and their arrogance in thinking they were superior to everyone else, systematically set to destroy the Indian.

This was accomplished in many ways. First, their weapons were superior. Then there were diseases, murder of infants, children and women to erradicate the native on that level, poisoning of water sources, destruction of food sources, etc etc. today, most of us give thanks for our own modern comforts without thinking about those who paid the real price for "freedom" in this land.

i give thanks for my family, friends, health and knowledge of self.
and i give my heart felt apologies to those who lost so much, just so the cowardly lions could have there kingdom.

peace and love to everyone

metty dertmerchant
sweatshop union


  1. No truer words could be spoken. Let us learn from our past, be thankful for those closest in our lives and work towards a better future for ourselves and our children.

  2. This is a very sad truth that many people forget to acknowledge on this day. I'm thankful I'm Canadian, our Thanksgiving is based on the European harvest festival. I grew up viewing it as a time to be thankful to the earth and all we recieve from it. Having lived in the states as well for many years I always kept that principle no matter what day I was celebrating. Thank you for reminding all of us to acknowledge what happened to the native people in North America and to be thankful for all that we have.